Global HR headlines: Zero-Covid taking its toll on employees’ mental health

Google employees oppose the vaccine mandate.

Hundreds of Google employees record their opposition to the company’s Covid vaccine mandate and Zero-Covid work approaches are taking their toll on employees’ mental health, leading to stress and resignations. Meanwhile, the Indonesian Constitutional Court rules against the country’s new job creation law and Sambro International, maker of Disney, Mattel and Hasbro toys, cuts jobs.

Indonesia court rules new job law unconstitutional
A court ruling in Indonesia against a new jobs creation law could dim its investment outlook, experts have said, in a potential blow to President Joko Widodo’s drive to boost investment and reduce the economy's reliance on consumption, reports Reuters.

The Constitutional Court has ordered the government to amend the legislation within two years, citing procedural flaws in its handling, with which the government will comply.

Indonesia had touted the law to try to lure foreign investors, citing related structural changes that have seen measures introduced to relax labour rules, reduce red tape and speed up permitting.

Hundreds of Google employees oppose vaccine mandate
Several hundred Google employees have signed and circulated a manifesto opposing the company’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate, posing the latest challenge for leadership as it approaches key deadlines for returning workers to offices in person.

A US federal appeals court has temporarily halted the Biden’s administration’s vaccine requirements for businesses with 100 or more workers to ensure full vaccination or regular testing.

Documents viewed by CNBC shows that Google had asked its more than 150,000 employees to upload their vaccination status to its internal systems by 3 December 2021, whether they plan to come into the office or not.

Zero-Covid policy takes toll on Cathay Pacific
One of Asia’s largest airlines, Cathay Pacific, is facing a revolt from pilots who say Hong Kong’s tough quarantine rules under its zero-Covid policy are endangering their mental health, leading to rising stress and resignations, reports Reuters.

The airline has fired three pilots who breached company rules by leaving their hotel rooms during a layover in Frankfurt and later tested positive for Covid-19.

Some pilots declared themselves unfit to fly for their first rostered duties upon release.

Toy maker cuts jobs
Disney, Mattel and Hasbro toy maker and distributor, Sambro International, has cut jobs as part of “some significant structural changes and cost reduction programmes” in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The number of people employed by Sambro International, a global supplier of licensed toys, stationery and arts and craft products, during its most recent financial year dropped from 142 to 106. That number has since fallen further; reports Business Live.