How IBM makes the business case for AI in HR


This IBM report provides tangible examples of AI delivering value through HR.

A recent report by technology company IBM highlights the extent to which HR is being disrupted. Titled The Business Case for AI in HR, the report explains how IBM and its client services experts are pioneering AI solutions for HR. While some of the innovations are self-service chatbots and recruitment tools that are already becoming best practices, there are others like the IBM manager alerts whereby managers get alerts tailored to the needs of individual employees. 

“For example, if someone has been on a team a long time, has certain skills, and is ready for a promotion, the manager is alerted to these facts. Similarly, managers receive alerts about employees with a greater propensity to leave,” reads the report. “When sales people are at risk of missing quotas, early interventions can be suggested to get people back on track. Alerts such as these enable managers to make decisions that are consistent with an organization’s talent management approach by recommending decisions that HR would like to see implemented.

The report also speaks about Your Learning, IBM’s digital marketplace for learning, which is apparently visited by 98 percent of employees who complete an average of 60 hours of learning per year. To improve employees’ career development, IBM have an AI solution called Watson Career Coach (WCC), which is a digital personal advisor that makes the benefits of career coaching available to all employees. 

The personal advisor is an AI assistant that interacts with employees who are thinking about future opportunities. It gets to know the employee by asking and answering questions with natural language and integrating with historical information. 

Reads the report: “A second component of the solution, job opportunity match, allows employees to upload their resumes or answer questions about skills, and then suggests roles that are suitable for the employee. If workers are looking for opportunities further out, they can use a career navigator component. The career navigator lets workers plan their way towards desired roles and prepares them for growth towards those roles with development suggestions that will help them build the required skills. The AI assistant can also offer personalised learning recommendations which help employees continuously develop their skills.”

AI and automation are becoming accessible for the HR profession and this report tells the story of what’s possible and how to get there.

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