AI chatbots – your on-demand HR PA


Who would turn down a personal assistant (PA) that takes care of all your admin and repetitive tasks flawlessly and speedily? With the latest developments in AI and automation tools, this is completely possible for most HR administrative tasks, writes tech lead at Mintor Chat-Based Solutions, Leànne Viviers.

In my role as tech lead and advocate for AI chatbot automation of HR tasks, I’ve had numerous conversations with people involved with HR, recruitment and training within the last year, from startups to global workforces, large companies and international NPOs. The most prominent reason that hinders leaders and HR from adopting more intelligent technologies is that they are overwhelmed by the ‘what’ and ‘how’ – understandably! This world is still new to most of us!

Letting the ‘what’ and ‘how’ rest for the moment, let’s ponder the ‘why’ for starters. Gartner reported that 76 percent  of HR leaders believe that if their organisation does not adopt AI solutions, they will be lagging in organisational success compared to those that do.

Imagine a world where your team spends most of their time on strategic matters because:

  • AI bots assist employees in their local language with on-demand queries, payslips, leave admin and policy information.
  • Recruitment teams fill positions within a matter of minutes because AI bots do the sourcing, sifting and interview scheduling for them.
  • Employee productivity and quality of work accelerate, because they upskill on the go through gamified learning content, automatically tailored by AI to their individual skill-gaps, delivered via interactive WhatsApp Bot chats.

This future is here! The real ‘why’ is not just to empower your HR teams to add more direct bottom-line value, but to also provide every single employee and job applicant with the depth of attention they deserve. But is it even humanly possible? With AI bots as assistants, you have the tools you need to ensure that no one gets left behind!

Many are concerned that AI will start taking over human jobs. AI and chatbots might well take over all admin tasks in future, but AI won’t be able to replace human intuition developed over time from lived experiences, the EQ and gut feel for responding to people’s emotions with empathy, as well as the ability to build relationships and, ultimately, the trust a team needs to evolve and grow together.

Let the chatbot do the robotics of your job so that you can be more human!


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