HR Indaba Africa 2018: HR Company Solutions has cracked the formula for finding talent

The company's working interview process results in fewer unsuccessful placements and sets them apart from other recruitment agencies.

With only days left before the HR Indaba Africa 2018 networking event, the anticipation from partners is palpable. In this article, we speak to Madelein Smit, MD of HR Company Solutions, about why she is looking forward to the event.

What is HR Company Solutions, how long has it been around and what was the reason for starting the company?

“We are an HR consultancy with a particular focus on recruitment. We do offer HR support services to our existing clients but that's not our core business. Primarily, we are a generalist recruitment agency focussing on all sectors and all business sizes. We consider ourselves to be a one-stop-shop for all things recruitment related. Most recruitment agencies specialise in finance, IT or engineering, for example, and that means companies will have to find different recruiters for different roles and job specifications. We, however,  are an all-round agency that is capable of handling all specs under one roof”.

How does your company add value when there are already things like LinkedIn in the market to help people find candidates?

“We do make use of jobs portals that are available in South Africa, but we also make use of other portals that most agencies don’t have access to. Those are headhunting tools that allow us to get in touch with people from various industries without even having their CVs. So we don't only use the normal process of recruitment where we put up an advertisement and thereafter filter through mountains of applications. We contact people directly who we feel might be a good fit for any given role. 

“The recruitment market is an oversaturated space but we have things that we do that set us apart from our competitors. Our rates, for example, are far less than what other agencies in the market charge. We also have something that we call a 'working interview' whereby a candidate actually works for the prospective employer for a period of three-to-five days before an offer is actually made. That has been an extremely successful innovation for us as it has been the reason for us having very low replacement rates, meaning that we have very few unsuccessful placements in comparison to the industry standard. The working interview allows both the employer and the candidate to get a feel for one another and find out whether they would culturally be a good fit before the appointment is made official.”

Why have you signed up for the HR Indaba and what should attendees look forward to seeing from you at the event?

“I think the HR Indaba will be a great platform for me and my colleagues to engage with HR professionals and tell them how we can make their lives a little bit easier. Recruitment is a very big part of HR and, because we do things differently and are more affordable, I'm sure a lot of the attendees will be interested in what we have to offer. We are also looking forward to finding out what unique challenges they are facing and perhaps find solutions for them.”

What would you say is the biggest challenge facing the HR profession?

“Recruitment, recruitment, recruitment. I can't stress it enough. It is really a big challenge to find good people who are affordable in terms of demanding market-related salaries and are looking to stay in a company for the long term and not merely seeking a pay increase before their next job hop.”