HR Indaba Africa 2019: OfferZen is making the recruitment process easier for tech professionals


It was ranked in the top 25 of the Fast Company's World's 100 Most Innovative Companies.

Recruitment is quite a difficult industry to work in, but recruitment in the technology space is even harder, it needs a specialised service, and that’s where OfferZen come into the picture. 

They are a curated talent marketplace for companies to find and connect with actively looking software developers, data scientists, product managers and designers. In essence, they help companies and help them build and grow their tech teams, and since launching less than 4 years ago they’ve made thousands of hires possible.

Philip Joubert, who is the co-founder of OfferZen, reveals what inspired him to start the business. “The reason I started the business, was to make it easier for companies to find tech talent, and on the other side make it easier for tech professionals to find work opportunities,” he says. “On a personal level, I knew how hard it was for my friends who are software developers to get access to the technology market.”

Software is eating the world and companies in all industries are starting to realize that the only way to survive will be to invest heavily in innovation. The problem is that  attracting talented technical candidates to create your innovative solutions is becoming harder and harder. 

Although recruitment agencies have always been around, a lot of software developers and other techies don’t like to work with recruitment agencies, and these candidates flock to OfferZen.

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Recruitment industry dilemma 

OfferZen has figured out a way of dealing with these challenges by giving companies access to candidates they wouldn’t normally find, including candidates who might not even be on platforms such as LinkedIn. Their solution takes the best aspects of LinkedIn, job boards and recruiters, and binds them all together into one package at a rate that is lower than that of traditional recruiters. 

The platform attracts thousands of software developers and because it has such a compelling value proposition for them. They sign up and get  access to over 1000 tech companies in the country. Candidates apply to use OfferZen and, using a combination of humans and AI, only the top candidates are approved to use the marketplace. Companies can also gain a lot from partnering with OfferZen to source the tech talent they need. 

Some of the benefits include:

  • Access to the top 10 percent of technology professionals
  • Faster time to fill roles
  • Reduced costs associated with hiring
  • Build high-quality tech teams faster

If you are a business that has been looking for specialists in sourcing tech professionals and would like to know how to optimize your hiring and best practices in the industry, visit OfferZen at the HR Indaba Africa on 16 and 17 October 2019 at the Sandton Convention Centre.

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