iStratgo the first new partner to sign up for HR Indaba Africa 2019 


Having missed the inaugural event, the human capital software provider will be there this year.

Human capital software provider iStratgo has signed up for the second annual HR Indaba Africa event, which will be held at the Sandton Convention Centre on 16 & 17 October 2019. iStratgo uses a combination of unique IP accumulated over years of consulting, software technology and careful as-is analysis of the current state in terms of strategy, people, performance, culture and talent retention. This combination, when implemented correctly, results in improved organisational performance and talent retention that is visible to the bottom line.

Made for businesses of all sizes, iStratgo software takes away the headache of manual performance management processes without removing the element of human touch or interaction. It’s clean, modern and easy to use interface makes the performance management process quick and easy, allowing employees to take control of their performance destiny by initiating the performance appraisal process. With iStratgo, you don’t have to worry about employee information lying around in spreadsheets and word documents. You can safely store employee records and attach important documents like employee contracts, while demographic information is stored and organised to assist with people analytics.

iStratgo Reward Management focuses on creating a platform that can be configured based on customer requirements to link performance to pre-defined rewards. The rewards management solution also taps into the concept of gamification by using a point system which is a fun way to encourage good habits of teamwork and high-quality delivery.

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The timesheet management solution assigns and tracks important tasks assigned to employees. iStratgo timesheets are unique because they align to an individual’s KPIs, which are ultimately aligned with the organisation's objectives. The alignment is critical to ensure that every second is spent on tasks that take the organisation forward. Timesheet records are available as a reference to ensure that personnel meet requirements within a given time period in order to monitor productivity levels.

iStratgo also has a team of top MBA professionals who have a combination of over 30 years experience in balanced scorecard design, organisation culture design, human resources, finance, project and change management. The company’s consultants have helped JSE-listed organisations in the financial services sector, high flying SMEs and mid-corporates to create new organisational cultures (new ways of working) which promote high performance and retain top talent. 

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