Job roles currently on demand in South Africa


Employment prospects have improved over the past six months, research reveals.

Job roles within finance, sales, IT, business and management, manufacturing and assembly, administrative office and support, and building and construction, have been the most highly sought-after in South Africa, according to the latest CareerJunction Employment Insights report.

“Finance professionals are in highest demand, specifically accountants and financial managers,” the report reads.

In its analysis of salary offerings, Career Junction found professionals in the IT sector being offered the best salaries when comparing salaries across job roles that are high in demand.

“Data Engineers, Developers, DevOps Engineers, Data Analysts and Business Analysts are offered between R42,000 and R73,000 per month (CTC).”

Finance professionals come after IT professionals in terms of highest paid salaries. The survey reveals that professionals in roles like financial controlling, internal auditing, audit management, financial management and management accounting are offered between R41,000 and R64,000 per month.

Despite high labour demand, salary offerings for receptionists are on the lower end of the salary spectrum. According to the report, receptionists can expect between R9,000 and R11,800 per month.

“Apart from skill level, these lower salaries can be attributed to the supply and demand balance within this field of work. While demand is relatively high, supply of labour is relatively high too, resulting in greater competition in the job search market,” reads the report.

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