LinkedIn to launch new applicant tracking system called Talent Hub


The announcement comes hot on the heels of news that Google Hire will be shut down.

LinkedIn has announced several new products and features to help talent leaders navigate today's digital transformation, against a backdrop of the growing skills shortage and fierce competition for talent and getting hired. Among those products is a new applicant tracking system (ATS) for small-to-mid-sized companies, called TalentHub, which will give talent professionals the tools they need to be even more effective in the entire hiring process -- from first sourced through onboarding. LinkedIn's newly built applicant tracking system is built on their new platform and puts the entire candidate journey, from to hiring, in talent professionals’ hands with a beautiful design and seamless experience.

The news comes on the heels of Google announcing it will shut down its job application tracking system “Google Hire,” which was launched just two years ago. 

In a statement, LinkedIn stated it had rebuilt its entire suite of recruiting products on a common platform, providing a seamless and streamlined experience that will interlock the features of Recruiter, Jobs and Media products in a simple-to-use design, powered by the latest AI and machine learning technology. 

“With this new platform our products will work together better than ever before. Also because we know there are other pieces of a recruiter's work, we've announced we’ve been deploying our most robust integration with applicant tracking systems ever, Recruiter System Connect (RSC),” reads the statement 

Diversity and skills Insights

In addition, because diversity hiring is a top priority for their customers, LinkedIn has infused gender diversity insights across its talent portfolio, arming organisations with actionable insights to build diverse teams. The company has also released new courses on LinkedIn Learning to help hiring managers build more inclusive workplaces, which will be available to access for free to a limited time.

Furthermore, they’re adding Skills Insights within LinkedIn Learning Pro to help inform L+D administrators how to develop their current workforce by showing them the skills of their employees, identifying skills gaps, and giving them the ability to compare their workforce skills with competitors. This also gives learners insight into the top skills for their job, and trending skills to make sure they stay ahead in their career.

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