There's no one-size-fits-all approach to employee engagement

HR leaders have to develop an approach best suited to their own corporate culture

If you want to know what your employees feel at work, ask them. And the best way to do that is through workforce intelligence and employee engagement platforms.  But employee engagement is not a simple process. There are so many activities and approaches to it that what works for one organisation won’t necessarily work for another.

Because you are dealing with people who, by virtue of being ‘people’, are different, the effectiveness of engagement will vary from person to person and from company to company.  As an HR leader, you might have the pressure to do what others are doing, borrowing employee engagement ideas from what is perceived to be trendy. But that is a recipe for failure.

Some companies will have a gaming station or pool table in the office as a means of creating an environment for employees to engage with one another. But, while that might work in, say, a tech company, it might not necessarily be a good idea in an auditing firm.

The best approach is to simply ask your employees. Because, ultimately, employee engagement is about identifying and finding solutions to problems in the workplace. It’s about figuring out the loopholes in your work process that only the employees can tell you. Just like a customer is the best person to provide feedback for a service or product, your employees are the best people to provide feedback on your workplace.

It is important for employees that if they put in the right amount of effort, they will be adequately rewarded and recognised.

If done correctly, employee engagement should motivate employees by making them feel like their views are valued and that the company cares about their well-being. Also by feeling like they are an integral part of a bigger purpose, employees are bound to remain focused on the organisation’s goals.