OMG CEO Mqondisi Gumede to share his thoughts on why you should think BIGGER


The Get Smart summit this February will focus on thinking big and achieving more through collaboration.

The first summit of 2019 will see finance and HR professionals come together in an inspiring session on how to get the most out of the year ahead. Hosted at Summer Place on 21 February, the attendees will hear about BIG thinking and how collaborative behaviour can help them tap potential, accelerate performance and keep their businesses relevant.

The keynote will be delivered by OMG CEO Mqondisi Gumede, a speaker, strategist, analyst and facilitator who has international experience in marketing, travel and tourism, domestic experience in the construction fields with experience as both client and agency. He will be talking about how “thinking BIG can take you places..” This will be followed by breakaway sessions, which will be hosted by Transunion CEO Lee Naik and Peregerine CEO Rob Katz. Jon Foster-Pedley, the dean of Henley Business School, will deliver the closing talk. 


Graham Fehrsen, the MD of CFO South Africa says: 

“Get smart is the chance for leading executives to swap notes and ramp up their efforts to drive excellence across their businesses. The summit will focus on the importance of collaboration and big thinking - critical elements for better business - with top guests offering their perspectives and experience. Of course combining CFOs and CHROs at this first event of the year should provide an additional layer of insight and perspective. It’s one event you shouldn’t miss!”

In one of the breakaway sessions, EOH Group FD Megan Pydigadu will share with the audience the importance of collaboration, and how it can make a difference to an organisation. 

She explains: 

“I’ll be talking about getting people to think outside of the sphere of what they are responsible for, and how cross-functionality can deliver a better outcome in terms of the strategy you are driving.” 

She cites an example from a company she worked at previously, where five key behaviours were expected of staff, one of which was “being boundariless in terms of your role". “This really helps to create a better organisation,” she says. 

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