One in five employees goes to the office full-time, research reveals


The vast majority of white-collar workers are still predominantly undertaking remote work.

In a poll NGS Global conducted, almost two out of every three workers either work full time in a remote work location, or only go to the office on average one or two days per week. For leaders, however, the patterns are significantly different compared to the workforces they manage.

One of the questions the company asked was “Many workplaces have now adopted a “hybrid” approach to where people are based for their work. How much time do you spend in the office?". According to the research, only one in five work full time in the office, and just 19 percent work in the office three or four days a week.

This may be surprising to those who suggested large-scale remote work and particularly working from home was a pandemic-specific phenomenon. In the vast majority of developed economies globally, Covid-19 vaccination rates are high, and anti-viral treatments have become both sophisticated and more frequently available.

“Importantly, there is a sharp dichotomy in the results for leaders and non-leaders across organisations. Fifty percent of directors, board members and presidents are either in the office full-time or spend an average of three or four days per week there. Almost one in three are in the office every day of the week, compared with just 17 percent for non-leaders,” the research found.

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