People will always be central to the HR function

Regardless of developments in HR technology

Technological advancements are disrupting every aspect of the internal and external business world and the HR function is no exception. With tools for engagement, pulse surveys, feedback management, and culture assessment  now increasingly available, the role of the HR professional is evolving rather dramatically.

As time goes on, the role will become far more complex than what it still entails - managing and supporting companies’ employees by keeping track of their performance and administrative needs – to a role that requires a far more holistic approach.

Talent management will shift from a focus of What can I get out of an employee? to How do I engage and retain an employee so that they continue to stay for the long-term? It will focus on involving those who are closest to employees (the line managers), and targets enterprise goals.  Talent management tools, similarly, will senior HR professional to more easily find out who their top performers are and prepare them for strategic leadership positions.

Talent management software solutions will provide competent decision-making support to help line managers improve retention, engagement and productivity, putting a special emphasis on trainings, personal development, coaching and stay interviews instead of token employee appreciation gestures and exit interviews.