Rethink learning

Workday's Ashley Goldsmith on nurturing the future leaders of your organisation.

People are no longer as focused on following a linear career path where the sole intent is to move up the ladder in a specific field. This is according the Workday's Chief People Officer Ashley Goldsmith who, in a blog post, said some of the most talented employees preferred to get experiences across a variety of fields, and placed a premium on work that adds value to their lives and makes a difference in the world.

“To keep the best and brightest, companies must find a way to keep these dynamic and inquisitive employees motivated and engaged,” she writes.

“While this new workforce will ultimately create major shifts in the fabric of organizations, most of us are still in the early days of this evolution. But, we can begin with a few positive changes now.”

In order to further the careers of their employees, companies have to foster a culture of learning. That means weaving training and career development opportunities into the fabric of your company culture. Because, by providing a structured program early in their careers, you ensure that employees get an early start on developing their leadership skills.

Writes Goldsmith: “It’s all about the experience. Whether it’s learning something new, taking on a challenging assignment, or sharing something you’ve mastered, meaningful experiences capture hearts and minds and can bring out the best in your team. Rather than approach learning as a “How to Do Your Job” instruction manual, organizations should deliver it more like an “Access What Interests You” video playlist. Open your learning content up to everyone, regardless of their role, and make it simple to find the material that matches their interests.

“Take a page from Netflix, and make proactive recommendations on content that can position employees for growth in a new area. Bring it to the next level by giving your employees the opportunity to create learning content in their areas of expertise, similar to producing their own YouTube tutorials. By providing employees with the opportunity to learn and teach on their own, you empower them to become better at their current role and beyond.”