Rob Katz to explain why teamwork makes the dream work


The Peregrine CEO will share valuable insights on this topic at the upcoming Get Smart summit.

Don’t forget to register for the Get Smart Summit, where senior HR and finance professionals alike will be coming together to find out how to add the most value to their organisations in 2019. The event,  which will be hosted on 21 February at Summer Place in Johannesburg, will include a discussion around the importance of collaboration. 

Peregrine Holdings CEO Rob Katz is one of the guest speakers at the Get Smart event and he feels very strongly about the topic. When asked why he thinks executives should be nowhere else on 21 February, he said:

"You need to be at this summit if you're looking to broaden your horizons and learn new ways of doing things. Come and learn from other industries, and share experiences with your peers. In this day and age, if you are not working in a team... you are dead."

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Cloud computing and faster internet connections have given rise to tools that enable employees to collaborate with one another more effectively, producing a more educated, skilled and engaged workforce. Effective collaboration does not only bode well for problem solving and the execution of projects, but it also does wonders for organisational culture, because a collaborative workplace naturally cultivates a sense of community within an where employees feeling almost like they are a part of a family. 

This compels them to go beyond the expectations of their role, absorbing as much organisational knowledge as possible and driving the business forward with informed and sound decisions. 

That said, value-adding collaboration is much easier said than done. Different departments and functions within businesses have different budgets, cultures, different approaches, goals, and measures of success. That basket of variables means that some organisations will foster collaboration more effectively than others. 

To learn more about how to give your company an edge, join Rob who will be joined by OMG CEO Mqondisi Gumede,  Transunion CEO Lee Naik, EOH Group FD Megan Pydigadu, and Jon Foster-Pedley, the dean of Henley Business School, all of whom will have some very valuable insights to offer on how to make 2019 your year. 

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