Get your finance team future-ready with a ChatGPT Masterclass for Finance Professionals course


For the first time in South Africa, global AI and finance guru Maarten de Borst will be hosting a ChatGPT Masterclass with CFO South Africa to help finance teams prepare for the future ways of work.

Finance teams want their organisations to not only survive the future, but thrive in it. It often falls to HR to find the finance employees with the skills that will help companies get future-ready. But what if you could BUILD those skills?

Enter globally acclaimed Maarten de Borst, who will be hosting the upcoming ChatGPT Masterclass for Finance Professionals, hosted by CFO South Africa on 17 April at Melrose Arch. It comes at a cost of only R5 250.

“This course has sold out at every event in Europe since its launch in mid-2023,” says executive community director Georgina Guedes. “It is designed to equip finance executives and their teams with the knowledge and skills they need to leverage generative AI effectively.”

During the masterclass, finance teams will gain valuable insight into large language models (LLMs), learn to recognise the dangers that come with AI, such as fraud and cybercrime, as well as identify and explore the opportunities AI offers the industry.

“Through this course, HR leaders can make sure they’re upskilling the people in their organisations’ finance teams to be more efficient, spend more time on strategic tasks, manage risks more effectively or make more accurate predictions,” Georgina adds.

The course will show finance professionals how to speed up reporting, free up vital human skills to do more value-adding work and boost their organisations’ bottom line, so register your finance teams for the Masterclass for Finance Professionals today!

An additional limited-attendees workshop will be held for Finance Executives on 16 April. If you would like to find out more about this exclusive workshop for your CFO, contact Georgina on [email protected].

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