SA HR news roundup: Huawei taken to court for not hiring enough locals


MTN looks for digital skills in huge recruitment drive.

Huawei charged for not meeting local hiring quota. MTN on a big hiring drive. Mara Technologies workers fight for unpaid wages as the company shuts down its SA operations. Local recruitment site launches AI powered tool to find talent. South Africans lead Google searches for leaving their jobs.

Huawei sued for not hiring enough South Africans
News 24 reports that the Department of Employment and Labour is suing Huawei Technologies for exceeding the number of foreigners it is allowed to employ in the country.

The Department says the Chinese telecommunications giant hired about 90 percent foreign nationals at its South African unit. This exceeds the maximum quota of 40 percent. The state wants Huawei to comply with the employment rules and pay a fine of R1.5 million or two percent of the unit’s revenue.

MTN is recruiting digital experts
MTN is looking for 150 digital experts to ensure it keeps pace with growing digital demand.

The telecoms giant said its drive to become a fully-fledged technology services company has seen the business expand and diversify significantly.

MTN South Africa chief of human resources Tebogo Maenetja told Business Tech that having these skills will be central to delivering the benefits of the digital world to South Africans.

The positions include UX and UI designers, scrum masters and business analysts.

Smart phone manufacturer workers seek outstanding payments amid shut down
In October 2019, Mara Phones launched South Africa’s first high-tech smartphone manufacturing plant with big ambitions to employ at least 450 people over five years. However, the factory went under in July 2021.

Business Insider reports that workers at the company’s factory at the Dube Trade Port say that they faced instances of poor pay and exploitation during the two years they were working at the plant. They further say that some of their wages remain unpaid, stating that they were last paid in May 2021. They allege that prior to this, they often received late payments.

Recruitment company launches AI tool to speed up hiring
Job Crystal, a recruitment website, has launched an AI-powered tool, CRYSTAL, which screens 34 million employable South Africans for clients.

Kelly Louw, the chief operating officer of Job Crystal, told IOL they were proud to contribute to the socio-economic development of South Africa.

“SMEs in South Africa employ 60 percent of the country’s workforce. It makes sense that this industry sector has access to the best tools that support them in growing their businesses and becoming sustainable,” said Kelly.

South Africans top searches for quitting their jobs amid the Covid-19 pandemic
IOL reports that according to Google, South Africa is one of the top five countries where people are searching “how to leave your job”.

The other four countries are the Philippines leading the pack, the US, Australia and the UK. Google Search has revealed that jobs that involve helping others, travel and working in real estate were the most sought after over the past year.

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