SA HR news roundup: Prasa discovers massive ghost workers rip-off


Labour Registrar concerned about financial non-compliance in trade unions and employer bodies.

Prasa paid full salaries to thousands of ghost workers. Ride-hailing drivers strike. Unions and employer bodies not complying with labour laws. KZN launches a project to get over 100,000 youth ready for the job market.

Prasa probe reveals payment to 3,000 ghost workers
The Citizen reports that Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula told Parliament’s Standing Committee on Public Accounts (Scopa) that the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa) became aware in December that it was paying full salaries to 3,000 ghost workers.

Mbalula said this meant there was a system of corruption within human resources, and somebody had orchestrated a scam to steal money.

Uber, Bolt drivers' nationwide strike
Drivers working for Uber, Bolt, and other ride-hailing services in South Africa embarked on a strike to protest against record-high petrol prices and put pressure on the government to pass industry regulations to protect their rights.

Business Tech reports that the nationwide strike started on Monday, after a meeting held with government officials on Sunday failed to prevent the labour action.

Uber said it has increased the price of its rides to help offset their costs, and that talks about increased regulation are ongoing.

Employers' bodies and unions not labour law compliant
Labour Registrar Lehlohonolo Molefe has told EWN that his office is concerned about non-compliance with financial management in trade unions and employer bodies in the country.

The Labour Relations Act requires that every registered trade union and employers’ organisation must provide the registrar with a certified copy of an auditor’s report and financial statements on an annual basis.

However, some trade unions and employers’ organisations simply do not comply with this regulation, with some leaders facing accusations of self-enrichment at the expense of workers. When they do, Molefe said, the state of finances reveal several irregularities.

He has explained that it was the foremost issue that comes up when the registrar’s office receives complaints and financial statements. Three trade unions have been placed under administration over the past five years for failing to comply with the regulations.

KZN to prepare over 100,000 youth for job market
The KwaZulu-Natal provincial government has entered into a strategic partnership that will result in the creation of job market and entrepreneurship opportunities for more than 100,000 young people in the province.

According to BizCommunity, the provincial government launched its partnership with the eLan Foundation’s Shift Africa Project, which will see a massive training and skills development project. The project should serve as an opportunity for skills development for youth.

It is anticipated that the partnership with eLan Group will result in the development of entry level programmes, which will serve as a gateway to occupationally directed skills development for the identified youth and incubation of 4,000 SMEs.

The economic spin-offs and job opportunities are a result of the elan Property Group’s R16 billion Blythedale Coastal Estate Resort development and from it 20,000 trained personnel will be placed in permanent jobs.

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