SA HR news roundup: Survey predicts growth in hiring sentiment


Solidarity questions Youth Programme selection.

A Manpower Group survey reflects likely rise in hiring. Hyundai and Yes4Youth face protests over employment programme criteria. Women working on farms demand their rights. Census workers say they haven’t been paid.

Significant growth in hiring sentiment this quarter, survey
The latest ManpowerGroup employment outlook survey shows organisations are planning for a significantly healthy staffing climate in the coming quarter.

According to Business Insider, the report says that the sector expected to see the highest hiring growth is primary production, which includes agriculture, forestry and fishing; mining and quarrying; electricity, gas and air conditioning supply; water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities. This sector is expected to grow by 47 percent and is followed by banking, finance, insurance, and real estate which expects to see an increase of 40 percent in hiring sentiment.

Solidarity threatens legal action over employing only young blacks
Trade union Solidarity has queried Hyundai and Yes4Youth’s employment programme that has been made available to black young people only.

According to a statement issued by Solidarity, the concern of giving aid to the unemployed on the basis of race has already been pointed out to Yes4Youth in the past. The union says that the youth unemployment crisis surpasses race and that to still argue that a specific race’s young unemployed have greater value than the young belonging to another race group, is morally indefensible.

Female farm workers demand action
About 150 women who live and work on farms marched to the offices of Distell in Stellenbosch with demands that the company should take action against suppliers that disregard human and labour rights.

GroundUp reports the Women on Farms Project (WFP), which co-ordinated the march, says many workers on farms across the Western Cape regularly experienced labour rights violations, as well as a lack of sanitation, forceful evictions, and food insecurity. According to their memo, the workers demanded that Distell prevent and mitigate labour rights and housing rights violations; provide WFP with a list of all its supplying farms; for the company to publicly commit to the redistribution of farmland to women farmworkers; and commit to meeting with the WFP to discuss their grievances in detail.

Census field workers up in arms over lack of payment
IOL reports that census field workers in Ekurhuleni have threatened to withdraw their services over lack of payment.

This comes as Statistics SA has allegedly failed to pay salaries of field workers who have not been remunerated for February. Apart from field workers in Ekurhuleni, some in Tshwane, Sedibeng and the City of Joburg have reported that they have also not been paid.

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