SA students rank top 100 employers by sector


Universum SA surveyed students' career goals and views on the country's top employers.

According to findings in the Most Attractive Employers 2019 survey by rankings firm Universum SA, over half of young South African professionals are unhappy in their jobs and are looking to change employers within the next 12 months. It also finds that job security is the most important career goal for student and young professionals. 

“Security, in this case, does not mean an environment where they are wanting a job for life,” says Universum SA country manager, Keshia Serage in a press statement, adding that South Africans were asking themselves whether the employers they work for have what it takes to survive the current tough economic conditions.

The need for security is followed by the desire to achieve a work/life balance and a need to dedicated to a cause or serving a valuable purpose. Other findings show that South Africans want professional training and development, leadership opportunities, inspiring leadership, and ethics in the workplace.

Universum SA surveyed nearly 23,000 working professionals and over 45,000 to get opinions and views on their career goals and ideal employers and does so on an annual basis to gather insights in order to advise employers on how to attract and retain talent that fits their culture and purpose.

Here is the list of the 10 most attractive employers for students based on field of study (Click here for the top 100 in each sector):

Business and Commerce Students:

  1. SA Reserve Bank
  2. SA Revenue Service (SARS)
  3. Investec
  4. Deloitte
  5. Transnet
  6. PwC
  7. Johannesburg Stock Exchange
  8. KPMG
  9. BMW Group
  10. EY

Natural Sciences Students:

  1. Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)
  2. Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries
  3. Department of Environmental Affairs
  4. Sasol
  5. National Health Laboratory Service
  6. Department of Science and Technology
  7. Department of Health
  8. The Agricultural Research Council
  9. Unilever
  10. AB InBev

Engineering and Technology Students:

  1. Sasol
  2. Transnet
  3. Eskom
  4. Google
  5. Microsoft
  6. BMW Group
  7. Tesla
  8. SpaceX
  9. Samsung
  10. Anglo American

Humanities/Liberal Arts/Education students:

  1. Department of Higher Education and Training
  2. South African Broadcasting Corporation
  3. United Nations
  4. Department of Home Affairs
  5. Google 
  6. Media 24
  7. Department of International Relations and Cooperation
  8. Transnet
  9. South African Airways 
  10. City of Cape Town

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