Join the CHRO SA webinar on how to go about returning to 'normal'


Experts from Workday, Unilever and Webber Wentzel will share tips on how best to plan, evaluate, reopen, and reinvent your organisation.

With many organisations determining how and when to reopen their office doors, HR leaders are beginning to focus on helping employees transition from working remotely to developing more flexible work arrangements. 

However, in order to ensure a successful transition, organisations must implement new employee experience and well-being strategies for the returning workers. CHRO SA will be hosting a webinar at 2 pm on Thursday 17 September where HR practitioners can hear from experts about how to enable an effective return experience and support model for employees as they go back to the office.

The webinar will kick off with a short introduction by Richard Doherty, senior director solution marketing EMEA at Workday, who has some interesting stats to share and will focus on the best way to plan, evaluate, reopen and reinvent as the word returns to some form of normalcy.

“According to research from McKinsey 41 percent of employees feel like they are more productive at home while only 17 percent expected to return to return to the office full time,” says Richard, adding that businesses the world over are grappling with the idea shifting back from remote working to reopening offices to all staff. 

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Richard says Workday’s approach is based on the principle of putting employees first. Since the company’s inception, they have always believed  “if we take care of our employees, they will take care of our customers. That's been central to our philosophy, and that is what has guided us through these uncertain times.”

The best way forward in that regard is, therefore, to have open communication between the leadership team and employees. 

“It’s essential to keep a pulse on employee sentiment at this difficult time by frequently soliciting feedback from the workforce, leveraging survey technology to listen. As you build and execute on your return to the workplace plan understanding how your employees are feeling can only help ease the return,” says Richard.

“As organisations plan their return to the workplace, ongoing, open and transparent communication will be really important. The world has changed and realistically many organisations won’t bring all employees back into the office on a full-time basis with a more hybrid style of working likely. Each organisation will need to find the style of working that best suits their culture and strategic objectives.”

In Wednesday’s webinar, Richard will be alongside Mechell Chetty from Unilever and Rachel Masuku from Webber Wentzel, who will both share a snapshot of the way they are handling the decision to return to offices. 

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