re-signs for HR Indaba

post-title offers an applicant tracking system that optimises the recruitment processes.

Applicant tracking system has re-signed as a partner for HR Indaba Africa 2019, taking advantage of the 10 percent discount they receive for signing up before the end of March. is a product that has been developed by the Careers24 tech team that essentially makes recruitment more efficient by automating a lot of the manual processes and is able to handle the process from the requisition stage right through to the appointment of a candidate. 

“When making requisitions, for example, a line manager would normally fill in a piece of paper to request that vacancy be advertised. But with, that is automated so that vacancies are approved much faster and with less administrative takes,” says Henneri Crous, Head of Sales at

“Our platform also makes it easy to capture information  such as notes and communication with candidates  all on one system instead of being spread across different applications. This makes it easier to build an entire profile of a candidate on a single platform so that we are able to engage with them a lot more effectively."

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What makes different from other applicant tracking systems is that it has been specifically designed for the South African market. A lot of internationally developed applicant tracking systems do not take cognisance of the local challenges and requirements, which include things like reporting on employment equity, for example, or the fact that in South Africa there is still a significant amount of people who provide hard copy CVs instead of submitting online applications.

As a partner, the will have an exhibition stand at the HR Indaba, which will be the largest of its kind in South Africa. It will give HR professionals an opportunity to learn everything they need to know about the latest HR technology, HR strategy, company culture, labour laws, recruitment, employee engagement and HR leadership. It will also bring together thousands of colleagues, suppliers, platforms, universities, specialists, recruitment agencies, CHROs and thought leaders.

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