Skillogical makes talent management and people development measurable 


The aim, for them, is to be the strategic HR tool without which companies cannot measure employees' input.

Skillogical aims to increase its footprint in the Talent Management space. Kuben Naicker, Managing Director of Skillogical says the company provides Talent Management & People Development Solutions for HR by developing tailor-made service offerings which can be fully integrated with existing systems. 

"We collaborate with you and do not expect HR to adapt to our system or even change their business processes in any way. Our competitive edge is exactly that – it requires no IT intervention and can be implemented with relative ease,” he says. 

Kuben says the solution can be fully implemented within 60 days and the platform allows for unlimited users. It offers real-time data with up-to-date dashboards, making a direct link between employee performance and his/her impact on the organisation’s bottom line.

Feasibility of technology

Skillogical is constantly investigating smarter ways to improve its technology solutions. It aims to utilise technology that is reliable, up-to-date, secure, affordable and able to adapt to and integrate with any existing system. Developers are constantly investigating trends and developments in IT, to ensure the implementation of the best solution at an affordable price.   

Using cloud technology to integrate and avail HR data, Skillogical can be implemented alongside existing systems. The technology’s ease of use, allows HR to get buy-in and support, without having to host intensive training sessions. It offers employee self-directed Performance Management options whereby employees are able to trace, track and enhance their own learning and development. The collected data is continuously updated and accurately projected/availed - business Intelligence at a click of a button.

Reputation and leadership

“We are continuously looking for ways to increase and enhance our reputation in the industry. Creating awareness and increasing our footprint in the industry through continuous learning is just one of the methods used to enhance our knowledge base and reputation,” Kuben said, adding that having a presence and participating in trade conferences and exhibitions form part of its current drive to increase visibility and share learning in the HR industry.  Skillogical places a high premium on maintaining a reputation that constitutes innovation, quality, reliability, and value for money.

“Our core team holds a strong belief in the value of a shared vision, and constantly reviews the impact of strategic decisions and its subsequent effect on our clients’ needs. The building blocks of Skillogical’s Leadership include, amongst others: competence; continuous conversation; credibility; honesty; integrity; and ongoing learning.”

Workplace Environment

Skillogical continues to provide an environment that allows for on-going learning and development. Individuals are able to contribute to its performance in the form of new ideas, revisiting existing methodologies and applying new learning in the workplace. Furthermore, clients have access to continuous support both online and in person in the form of one-on-one training. 

Increasing revenue for customers

Says Kuben: “We understand that companies place a high premium on the development and growth of their workforce. In line with this, Skillogical aims to increase the revenue of companies enabling HR to measure the contribution of each employee to the bottom line of an organisation. Our solution allows HR to measure, develop and enhance performance of employees in order to have a workforce that is strongly aligned to the strategic objectives of the organisation. Furthermore, it enables HR to measure their effort by producing HR metrics/analytics. It also gives HR the credibility they need to contribute around the boardroom table.”   

He says that Skillogical aspires to linking the impact of each employee to the bottom line of the organisation, by taking a very pragmatic and strategic approach with each client, through:

  • identifying the current skills/competence set of each employee;
  • defining the role he/she is to fulfil;
  • identifying required skills for the role;
  • aligning the existing and required skills sets;
  • identify the areas of required learning;
  • tracking the learning and development of the employee;
  • linking the employee (and learning) to the organisational objectives;
  • measuring the impact the employee has on achieving the organisational objectives; 
  • availing dynamic, real-time data and dashboards with a click of the button; and
  • linking this outcome on the company bottom line – making it possible to measure employee contribution and impact. 

Kuben concluded:  “The ability to build on existing systems, without changing business processes and procedures, at an affordable price, differentiates Skillogical from other role players in the industry.”


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