Talent Genie joins HR Indaba partner list 


Talent Genie is an international award-winning talent acquisition software 

Recruitment software provider Talent Genie has signed up as a partner for the HR Indaba, which will be taking place at the Sandton Convention Centre on 16 and 17 October 2019. Talent Genie is an international award-winning talent acquisition software (recruitment solution) that enables organisations to manage their entire recruitment workflow using a combination of feature-rich modules. The latest version of the software is the most comprehensive solution available in South Africa creating the best possible user experience for everyone involved. Genie Recruitment Software integrates into 2500 job boards around the world, making it easy to manage your local or global recruitment needs in 20% of the time. Their system can be deployed within 24 hours giving you access to the most comprehensive recruitment software available today. Hosted under the strictest cybersecurity environment in the world, Talent Genie keeps data is safe, easy to access and completely centralised giving clients access to any information they need, anytime, anywhere. 

Genie is the most advanced recruitment tool that anyone can find in the South African market today. No other recruitment system can integrate into 2500 job boards and do shortlisting in accordance with existing processes.

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In 2005, Genie was a product of a completely different nature. It was an HR services company that partnered with internal recruitment teams in large corporations to assist in setting up their recruitment hubs. Due to their expertise in both HR and recruitment, the founders were incredibly successful at saving clients up to 80 percent of their recruitment costs. However, the more they entrenched ourselves in their businesses, the more they realised that their technology, although acclaimed, was disconnected from the expectations of the personnel using it. Recruitment technology became their major area of concern because existing recruitment systems were functional but overall only managed to save 15 - 20 percent of clients’ time, and generally only assisting with the reporting aspect of recruitment while screening remained a major challenge.  Even though some systems offered the ability to screen out candidates using elimination questions, the number of quality applications dwindled on account of negative candidate experiences. In general, most systems offered some good functionality but a comprehensive solution was lacking.

The company embarked on a journey of discovery to create a system capable of automating as many recruiter duties as possible. The result was Genie, the renaissance that companies and large recruitment agencies have been waiting for, which capable of screening candidates automatically and performing 80 recent of the tasks whilst maintaining a positive candidate experience. 

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