The advantages of a diverse workplace


Companies should be focusing on competencies when recruiting, research reveals.

A study by HFMtalentindex  shows that having a diverse workforce creates dynamism and creativity.

“Of course, it is forbidden to discriminate against anyone based on gender, age, disability or religious belief. Yet many workplaces and industries still remain quite homogeneous. The solution? Recruit differently,” the research reads.

It advises companies to review resumés and select those suitable for a follow-up interview.

Companies, the study says, should keep their biases in check and use more objective methods that will help treat all candidates equally. “So ignore your gut feeling and focus on competencies, or in other words the qualities and knowledge that are important for the role.”

Creating a structured recruitment process that is the same for all applicants should be a priority for companies wanting to achieve diversity.

It is also important to create a good job profile for the company to know the type of person that fits a specific role best. “One way to find out is to research what behaviours are successful for those who work or have worked in this role. Start with this when you create your job profile. Know what you are looking for in a candidate and what not, this way you assess everyone in the same way,” the study reads.

According to the study, it is vital for companies to create a relevant set of requirements such as the number of years of experience one is required to have for a specific role.

Introducing a personality test is also key as it helps to map up the personalities and talents of candidates. “By testing everyone who meets the requirements early on, you reduce the chance of older applicants, or people with foreign-sounding names, for example, to be excluded. Invite those who best fit your job profile for an interview. Chances are they are not exactly the same candidates that would have been selected in a resumé review.”

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