Top HR execs get together at Marble Restaurant

HR leaders shared ideas on robotics and artificial intelligence over dinner.

Leading HR directors came together to discuss the positive change AI and robotics will bring to the workplace at the third CHRO SA summit and later enjoyed an intimate dinner at the marvellous Marble Restaurant. A small group of HR executives from some top companies - including Dimension Data, Mondelez and Alexander Forbes - shared more ideas on the topic of HR tech during dinner. While many other critical challenges facing the profession were discussed, it was clear that the issue of AI and robotics is extremely important to HR executives at this juncture.

The key points from the dinner were as follows:

  • AI and robotics will enhance the lives of the employees and although some may replace jobs, human beings will remain critical to most businesses.
  • Most employees are overwhelmed by the increasing number of mundane tasks they have to do and cannot focus on the purposeful job they were hired for anymore. Businesses that embrace AI and robotics may well increase employee engagement.
  • HR directors are under pressure to build workforces and organisations that are quick and agile. This requires a huge effort to develop effective learning and development processes.
  • Education, particularly in terms of on-the-job training and skills development,  is also high on the agenda. There’s still a huge skills gap that graduates can only develop while on the job while corporates don’t always have the time and money for it. There is definitely a need for corporates and universities to come together and close this gap.

“Thanks Maud and CHRO SA for this fantastic event. At Workday, we’re as passionate about our clients own learning and development as we are about our own product. It’s such a pleasure to engage with HR leaders on things that really matter to them and of course, it provides us with superb learning ourselves,” noted Workday Country Lead, Zuko Mdwaba.

CHRO SA focuses on knowledge, network and career. These learning platforms are most valuable because it opens up conversations and gives new perspectives. During the incredible dinner at Marble restaurant, it became clear that sharing personal stories and keeping the human touch alive is something for which we all long.