Torque MD Sally Acton says now's the time to hone in on the employee experience


Sally will be the guest speaker on a CHRO SA Webinar to be hosted on Friday 3 July.

“Never has there been a more pertinent time to zero-in on employee experience. Whether we are talking about digital onboarding or general engagement, companies need to ensure that their people feel seen and valued,” says Torque MD Sally Acton, who believes that only the companies that are standing with their employees in the best way possible are the ones that are going to thrive beyond the disruption of Covid-19. 

“And by ‘standing with your employees’, I mean really have their backs., Organisations need to do more than pay lip service to the employee experience because that will go a long way to determining the commitment that your employees have towards the company once all of this is over.”

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Sally will be the guest speaker on the CHRO SA webinar titled Mapping your employee experience, which will take place on Friday 3 July, and will focus on what companies can do to enhance job work satisfaction and drive productivity during these challenging times. 

She will also explain how companies that have engaged with their employees and made an effort to connect are the ones that will retain talent and drive employees to go the extra mile. 

Says Sally: “You want to have employees say, ‘you know what, this company has shown me that they value me as an individual. I am not just a number here.’ And that will push them to go through any lengths within their means to help the organisation thrive and overcome challenges brought upon by the pandemic. You don’t want them to say, ‘this company sees me as a salary they have to pay and that’s it,’ because I can guarantee you that having employees harbour those kinds of perceptions will only erect more obstacles on an organisation’s path to recovery.” 

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