Video perceived as among the best tools for boosting recruitment, survey finds


Interestingly, Millennials recruiters are bigger fans of video than Gen Zs.

According to Monster's 2019 State of the Candidate survey, which is based on a sample of 1 000 Americans aged 18-65, using video is the best way to boost recruitment efforts. It found that that 94 percent of Gen Z candidates (between ages 18 and 24) agreed that a video of a recruiter would help them better understand a job opportunity. The survey also found that this age group believe that video will play a role in the job search process in the future through video calls with recruiters/potential employers during the interview process (43 percent), job descriptions (32 percent), and application submissions (31 percent). 

Interestingly, the State of the Recruiter survey found that millennial recruiters are ahead of the curve and more interested in using video in the job search process as compared to their Gen X and baby boomer peers.

This is  true for live interviews where 92 percent of millennials agree that videos will help them reach more candidates compared to  88 percent for Gen X and 78 percent for baby boomers. 

For video job descriptions, the difference is 90 percent vs 85 percent vs 70 percent and, for receiving video applications from candidates, it’s 91 percent vs 84 percent vs 73 percent. 

There appears to be a generational shift away from the in-person interview with millennials placing the least amount of emphasis on it (38 percent compared to 52 percent for Gen X and 68 percent for baby boomers).That said, many recruiters still continue to rely on the in-person interview (46 percent) to determine if a candidate is the right fit.

Monster is a digital venture owned by Randstad North America, a subsidiary of Randstad Holding, a R389 billion global provider of HR services.


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