What CHROs wish finance professionals knew


Vodacom CHRO Matimba Mbungela to host riveting session at upcoming Finance Indaba

The upcoming Finance Indaba Africa will include an intriguing session on how finance leaders can better execute their roles to move the company forward in more cohesive manner. In a time where business functions must work more collaboratively and break down traditional silos, finance professionals could be the champions of this approach. 

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“Except they're not and, often, they're part of the ‘this is the way we've always done it’ mindset,” says CFO South Africa MD Graham Fehrsen, adding that, in this unique session, which will be hosted by Vodacom CHRO Matimba Mbungela, delegates will have a chance to hear from leading HR executives about the work finance professionals are doing to drive business while keeping their eyes fixed on people and culture. Matimba, along with a few other HR executives from leading companies, will share their views on what they wish finance professionals would keep in mind as they go about executing their day-to-day responsibilities.

Vodacom has been a first mover an adapting a digitisation strategy and looking forward to navigating an environment in which many jobs will become obsolete. But Matimba says this as more of an opportunity than a threat in terms of the bigger picture of creating employment opportunities. That said all companies and all functions within them, including finance, have to adjust in line with this evolving reality.

It is well understood what the CFOS need from their HR counterparts for, in order to plan for business growth and maintain profitability, they need to be able to project both revenues and costs as accurately as possible for one year, three years, or even five years into the future.

Ultimately it’s about being able to quantify everything that is done in so far as it impacts on the bottom But when it comes to what HR needs from those leaders, the answer might not be as clear. Be sure to attend this important session at the Finance Indaba at 13h00 on the October 13 to get some vital insights on this topic


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