Workday introduces Thank You Fridays for their employees to support wellbeing


Workday is providing five designated, company-paid days off for all staff.

With all the anxiety, fear, uncertainty, work-life overlap, depression, loneliness, and isolation brought by Covid-19, Workday has announced that employees will get Fridays off every two weeks, to spend time with friends and family.

The initiative kickstarted on 18 June, which is already a company holiday to celebrate Juneteenth, until 3 September.

Zuko Mdwaba the country managing director at Workday explained that Juneteenth is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the end of slavery. “Workday made it a company holiday so all workmates can honour and observe the holiday, and stand in solidarity against injustice.”

He added that the past year has been difficult in many ways and as a way to say “Thank you!” to all workmates and help support wellbeing, “Workday is providing five designated, company-paid days off for all employees, called ‘Thank You Fridays’.

Workmates are encouraged to use these ‘Thank You Fridays’ to disconnect from work, relax, and recharge. If they have an unavoidable work conflict and are not able to take advantage of one of these days, they are invited to find a suitable alternative.”

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