Black Umbrellas


Black Umbrellas is an enterprise development incubation organisation.

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Black Umbrellas is an enterprise development incubation organisation partnering with the private sector, government and civil society to address the low levels of entrepreneurship and high failure rate of 100% black owned emerging businesses in the African continent.

The programme focuses on promoting entrepreneurship as a desirable economic path, and nurturing 100% black-owned businesses in the critical first three years of their existence through the provision of nationwide incubators.

The advancement of black entrepreneurs and small business development is at the heart of the Black Umbrellas programme. It is a multi-stakeholder collaboration with the common purpose of achieving economic and social change through action, inspiration and support. In order to create a sustainable programme to harness and strengthen Africa’s black entrepreneurs, Black Umbrellas works through a platform of co-operation between civil society, the private sector and government so that the correct resources, skills development, mentoring and access to markets are in place to support development at all levels.

By providing a structured and subsidised programme, using a national footprint of business incubation offices, our clients are afforded the expertise, office infrastructure and resources over a 3 year period to create the important foundations to achieve sustainable businesses. It requires commitment and hard work on the part of our clients, over and above their passion for their service or product, to graduate from the programme to become owners of independent and viable businesses. This is a vital initiative to transform the African economy by linking big business to smaller suppliers and increasing the economic opportunities that arise out of enterprise development.

Phone: 011 592 6401