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Earlybird is South Africa's first high-quality, socially-inclusive onsite educare.

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Earlybird operates high-quality educare centres on-site at large organisations (such as companies, housing estates, campuses, office parks, and precincts) across SouthAfrica and provides a subsidized version of the same high-quality education model to our ‘Blue Door’ franchisees operating educare centres in social housing developments and low-income communities. In this way, Earlybird functions as a social enterprise which uses a cross-subsidization model to drive measurable and sustainable social returns across the socioeconomic spectrum.

Developed by a multi-disciplinary team of early childhood development experts, Earlybird’s evidence-based early education model equips children aged 3-months to 5-years with the 21st century skills they need to successfully navigate school and life. Each child is met where they are at and their ongoing development and learning progress is facilitated through a holistic set of supports. Every aspect of our model has been designed to ensure our high-quality offering can be delivered with fidelity at scale across a variety of contexts.

Address: Bandwidth Barn Village 1 South Cape Town 7784

Phone: +27 76 836 2639

Website: https://www.earlybirdeducare.co.za/