PRESS RELEASE: Is the recruitment process reactive or proactive?


interviewME creates a platform for candidates to show interest in companies they are keen to work for.

interviewME is a Proudly South African one-way video interviewing platform that essentially
conducts the initial screening and 1 st interview on behalf of our clients, the purpose of the platform is not to replace in-person interviews but rather help companies identify who they actually want to interview in person to ensure the interview is time well spent.

Our clients get to decide what questions they want to ask the candidates, how much time is
allocated to the candidates to answer the questions and allows for internal collaboration on the candidates before agreeing to invite the candidates for an in-person interview of which companies make use of interviewME’s scheduling tool to facilitate the in-person interview.
interviewME recently conducted a few surveys where we asked the question: Is the recruitment process a reactive or proactive one?

The general consensus was that the recruitment process was reactive.
Most companies that are hiring typically advertise for a vacancy as and when one pops up,
companies then wait for candidates to apply. There is then typically a screening process of which interviews are then scheduled with more often than not multiple decision makers. Once the decision has been made on the potential candidate, offers are made and there is normally a notice period that needs to be served if the candidate applying for the role is employed.

The above process can take anywhere from 30 to 90 days to conclude which can cost companies a large sum of time which equates to money as sooner the relevant candidate starts the role the sooner the vacancy is filled which means the company gets the value from the hired candidate. interviewME believes that by making use of our one-way video interviewing platform, companies can change the process to more of a Proactive approach.

By advertising consistently throughout the year using interviewME’s job ads, even if companies don’t necessarily have vacancies available at the time, candidates are able to show interest in working at these companies in the future when positions are indeed available. interviewME then conducts one-way interviews with these candidates on behalf of its clients and the clients are essentially starting to build their own talent pools of pre-interviewed / pre-qualified candidates where they can then start to cherry pick the best candidates for their business. When positions do pop up, our clients are then able to contact prospective candidates that have shown interest in working at their company to see if the candidates are still interested and then schedule in-person interviews. By doing this, companies are no longer waiting for candidates to apply for vacancies after the fact and therefore time to hire is likely to significantly reduce.InterviewME offers unlimited interviews and unlimited users with its solution which makes this proactive approach a cost effective one.

Visit http://www.interviewME.techto arrange a demo of the platform or simply email
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