PRESS RELEASE: interviewME makes recruitment easy for companies


Graduates are no longer just another CV on a desk – interviewME solves this issue with One-Way Video Interviews.

With 7.9 Million people unemployed, the way companies hire needs to change. Let’s talk about the youth and more specifically the recently graduated youth of South Africa.

There are lots of conversations about how important education is, especially with the unemployment rate in South Africa sitting at 34.5 percent and more, and the youth unemployment rate which is almost double this rate at 63.9 percent. The job searching market isn’t less difficult for graduates as these candidates don’t often have an impressive CV apart from their academic achievements, which isn’t a massive differentiator between graduates with similar achievements.

This leads us to the question - how are corporates that hire grads deciding which candidate is the best fit for the role?

Many good candidates are overlooked due to a seemingly poor CV.

Graduates simply want the opportunity to be interviewed to showcase what they are all about in the best possible way. Many HR tools in use by corporates don’t cater to this specific problem as these platforms make suggestions based on keywords and phrases used on the candidate’s CV to try and filter through the high volumes of applications for the various roles. This is not a water-tight process, to gauge if a candidate is a good fit for a role, an interview is needed.

The likelihood of being chosen for an interview when you have just graduated seems to be largely based on luck. As it stands, corporates simply can’t afford every candidate the opportunity to be interviewed, until interviewME that is.

InterviewME is a Proudly South African “One-Way Video Interviewing Software Platform” –
which allows hiring companies to build interviews on the platform by deciding on what
questions they want to ask the candidates and how much time they want to allocate to
answer each question. InterviewME then builds the interview and generates a unique URL
that can be shared with candidates for them to conduct the interview.

The software then interviews the candidate on behalf of the client – the candidates can do these interviews via
their mobile phones, laptop, or desktop computer, provided the candidate has a camera and
microphone as their answers are submitted through video.

Hiring companies can then view these completed “one-way interviews” in a centralised location at their own time. They can collaborate on the feedback on how the candidates performed in the interview, and include hiring managers in these one-way interviews so that they also get a good feel of what these candidates are all about. Once hiring companies have identified candidates that they want to interview in person, companies can make use
of the interviewME scheduling tool to facilitate the calendar booking of these “in-person”

Let interviewME do the screening and first interviews for you by way of “One-way Video