Press release: SkillsTown SA and eDEAF blazing a trail in the world of professional learning


Breaking down barriers and creating an inclusive and empowered workplace environment

The partnership between professional learning platform SkillsTown South Africa and eDEAF continues to thrive, with 20 of eDEAF’s management staff currently undergoing the SkillsTown Corporate MBA (cMBA) programme.

SkillsTown is the largest professional knowledge management platform in the Netherlands, specialising in the continuous personal development of corporate employees. SkillsTown SA has adapted this model for the local market, combining first world technology, capability and expert knowledge to deliver on an essential local business requirement, that of Skills Development.

SkillsTown initially signed on eDEAF as its first customer late last year. The partnership aims to break down barriers between the hearing and Deaf communities, making professional learning available to all and enabling employees to adapt to the ever-changing world around them.

Empowering employees with on-demand learning
According to Jesse Kotze, Chief Operating Officer at eDEAF, there are few communities who are as deprived of learning as the Deaf community of South Africa.

“This is primarily because information is not readily available in their language,” he says. “However, the SkillsTown platform enables us to harness the hundreds of short courses they have on offer and customise it for the Deaf community. Our staff and learners are delighted to be able to complete these learning modules in their own language – South African Sign Language – aiding their workplace development as well as satisfying other interests they may have.”

Now, eDEAF is also the first customer locally to participate in SkillsTown’s innovative cMBA, with 20 of its Deaf employees being put through their paces over the next couple of months.

Maximising Skills Development spend
eDEAF have also added their bouquet of services onto the SkillsTown platform, in order to sell on to their customers. This includes a variety of accredited SETA learnerships.

This means that all eDEAF customers have the opportunity to provide a world class, innovative learning environment to their employees, while maximising their organisational spend and improving their scorecard.

SkillsTown spend can be claimed against the Skills Development Matrix in categories F and G.

For more information on SkillsTown South Africa please visit or contact Kevin Hardy on 083 675 9113 or [email protected]