Juan du Toit


Job Title: Human Capital Officer

Company: Master Drilling


Juan du Toit is the Group Human Capital Officer at Master Drilling Group Ltd.  Juan has held key leadership positions, including Chief Human Resources Officer at Renico Construction (PTY) Ltd and HR Executive roles at MyBucks and Aveng. He has also worked as a Management Consultant at Assmang Manganese Black Rock Mine Operations, Employee Relations Manager at Intercare Managed Healthcare (Pty) Ltd, and HR Officer at Master Drilling (Pty) Ltd. Juan holds a Bachelor of Commerce Honors degree in Industrial Psychology from North-West University.

2022 - Present:       Group Human Capital Officer, Master Drilling Group Ltd
2019 - 2022:            CHRO, Renico Construction (PTY) Ltd
2017 - 2018:             Management Consultant, Assmang Manganese Black Rock Mine Operations
2016 - 2017:             Group HR Executive, MyBucks
2010 - 2016:            HR Executive Civil Engineering, Aveng
2010 - 2013:            Site HR/IR Executive Medupi Power Station, Aveng
2008 - 2009:           Employee Relations Manager, Intercare Managed Healthcare (Pty) Ltd
2007 - 2008:           Officer, Master Drilling (Pty) Ltd

2006 - 2007:       B.Com Hons Industrial Psychology, North-West University
2011 - 2012:        Leadership, Business Administration and Management, Towerstone
2005 - 2006:       B.Com Hons Labour Law, North-West University
2003 - 2005:       B.Com Human Resource Management, North-West University

About Master Drilling Group Ltd: Master Drilling Group Ltd is a leading global provider of specialized drilling solutions. As a world leader in the raisebore drilling market, the company offers innovative and technology-driven drilling services to the mining, civil engineering, and energy sectors. With a strong focus on safety, efficiency, and sustainability, Master Drilling utilizes advanced drilling techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver reliable and cost-effective solutions. 

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