Talana Smith


Job Title: Head of Transformation and HR

Company: Safari Investments


Talana Smith is the Transformation and HR Manager at Safari Investments. She was appointed to the position in January 2021. Prior to this she worked as an Asset Manager at Safari Investments. Talana also served as a Financial Director at Telemaster Ltd, overseeing financial operations on a part-time basis. She worked as a Company Secretary and Mergers and Acquisition Manager at Attacq Limited. Talana also served as a Mergers and Acquisitions Director and Finance Director at Atterbury Property. 

2021 - Present:       Transformation and HR Manager, Safari Investments Limited
2017 - 2021:            Asset Manager, Safari Investments Limited
2017 - 2017:            Financial Director, Telemaster Ltd
2013 - 2016:           Company Secretary and Mergers and Acquisition Manager, Attacq Limited
2010 - 2013:           Mergers and Acquisitions Director, Atterbury Property
2001 - 2010:           Finance Director, Atterbury

About Safari Investments Limited: Safari Investments is a property investment company listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). The company invests in a diversified portfolio of property assets, including shopping malls, office blocks, and industrial properties. Safari Investments is committed to sustainable development and has a strong focus on social responsibility. The company is a member of the JSE Socially Responsible Investment Index.

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