Vianca McMillan


Job Title: HR Director

Company: Servest


Vianca McMillan is the HR Director at Servest (Pty) Ltd. She has held the position sionce Novembeer 2010. Prior to this she served as an HR Manager at I.H.S, and as an HR Consultant at Brentwood Associates. Vianca has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology with Honors in Clinical Psychology from the University of Johannesburg. 

2010 - Present:      HR Director, Servest (Pty) Ltd
2003 - 2007:          HR Manager, I.H.S
2002 - 2003:          HR Consultant, Brentwood Associates

1998 - 2001:           BA Psychology Hons., Clinical Psychology, University of Johannesburg

About Servest (Pty) Ltd: Servest is a facilities management company, whose sole purpose is to look after buildings, people and assets. They take care of your business' cleaning, security, landscaping, maintenance, hygiene, parking, and catering needs.

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