Andisa Liba joins Floatpays

Floatpays has appointed Andisa Liba as its chief people officer.

Andisa Liba’s appointment as chief people officer of Floatpays comes after the company’s successful round of seed funding, which secured the support of several top-ranking investors.

According to Floatpays, Andisa’s appointment aligns with the brand’s strategic objective to bring financial wellness to the forefront of the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) for businesses across sectors
Floatpays’ founder and CEO, Simon Ward, who recently welcomed Andisa to the team, said: “Partnering with the likes of Andisa will help guide the brand in a people-centric direction and equip Floatpays with the acumen to advocate for employee wellness internally as well as among the brand’s clientele. We are a brand that is fully prepared and positioned to practise what we preach”.

Andisa joins Floatpays with 15 years of experience in human resources.
In one of her previous roles, Andisa provided executive support to President Cyril Ramaphosa in his former role as the founder and owner of Shanduka Group. She has also held a number of leadership roles at various blue chip companies. More recently, she fulfilled the role of head lead at CISCO Africa, managing and overseeing the people agenda of the technology company.

Andisa’s career has given her insight into the negative impact of a financially unwell workforce on businesses. She notes that despite financial stress being a major driver of some of the HR fraternity’s most pressing challenges such as productivity declines, absenteeism and lack of employee engagement, addressing employee financial wellness is rarely prioritised on HR agendas.

According to Andisa, it is “imperative for financial wellness to become something we talk about, think about and consider in all our efforts to support employee wellness and our human capital strategies more broadly”.

She said about her appointment: “My role at Floatpays is to not only lead the company’s people agenda but to use my expertise in the very industry that we serve to shape our value proposition. Floatpays’ mission is one that aligns with my personal values and I look forward to realising our vision of partnering with Africa’s employers to be the catalyst of financial inclusion and wellbeing amongst the continent’s people.”

She said her decision to leave big corporate for a startup would present an exciting opportunity to keep people at the heart of building an organisation from the ground up. “People can make or break an organisation – especially a startup. Building an organisation on a strong foundation of top talent and a great workplace culture is critical to long-term success and a sustainable business,” she said.

“I am excited to contribute to the growth and establishment of a brand that I am confident is contributing to building the financial wellness of Africa’s people in a sustainable manner. I look forward to being part of its journey.”