Espresa to launch workplace wellness platform in SA

Companies across the USA - including Pandora, Box, Workday, Flex Okta, and Genomic Health - are already using the platform to boost employee satisfaction and retention in an increasingly competitive recruiting environment

Organizations can now automate, organize and promote increasingly complicated workplace programs, thanks to a new platform from Espresa.

Companies across the USA—including Pandora, Box, Workday, Flex Okta, and Genomic Health—are already using the platform to boost employee satisfaction and retention in an increasingly competitive recruiting environment. The new platform supports all major HR initiatives for workplace programs—health, fitness and wellness programs, company events, lifestyle services, employee resources groups, rewards and recognition, and reimbursement programs—and allows administrators to monitor engagement and measure the ROI that programs are providing.

“Robust and well-organized workplace programs are no longer a luxury—they are a requirement to attract and retain top talent,” said Alex Shubat, CEO of Espresa (pictured). “Companies must manage increasingly complex workplace programs, and this simply can’t be done manually in a world where everything happens in one or two clicks. We bring that level of ease to the HR teams administering these programs and to the employees enjoying them.”

Espresa is the first HR tech software focused exclusively on providing companies with the ability to manage workplace programs. Using the new Espresa platform, employees can easily discover what is happening on campus, how and when to sign up, and where to provide feedback—all from one platform with a modern, consumer-grade UI experience.

Any program a company implements can be run through the Espresa platform, including:

  • Yoga, meditation, massages, flu shots, biometric screenings, and other health and wellness offerings
  • Employee-run clubs and resource groups
  • Company events, seminars, picnics, and holiday parties
  • Reimbursement and allowance management
  • Employee recognition and rewards with custom experiences

"Espresa is the first-ever platform to focus on providing employees with workplace programs in a big way,” said Joe Farris, Co-Founder of Nua Group and former Senior Partner and San Francisco Office Leader of Mercer. “The automation, efficiency and analytics enable every company to deploy and manage amazing workplace employee programs and compete for top talent."

The platform also eases the burden on corporate benefits teams: the Espresa platform makes it easy to scale workplace programs, demonstrate ROI, and ensure that third-party vendors meet the compliance needs of the organization—an historically time-consuming manual process.

Additionally, benefits administrators can:

  • Monitor how many of their employees are engaged and at what level
  • Look at cost per user and which programs are most popular
  • See directly how their programs relate to employee satisfaction and retention
  • Expand current programs quickly
  • Manage employee resource groups and clubs—a feature that no other software offers

Companies already using the platform see nearly 100 percent employee participation in workplace wellness programs which are supported by an allowance model—3x more than fitness subsidies for specific programs and 10x more than no subsidies at all. Espresa customers can also easily deploy programs to their satellite locations: the platform is available across the US, Europe and Australia and will soon be launching in India and South Africa.

“HR is becoming more metrics-driven and must demonstrate ROI on their programs,” said Raghavan Menon, CTO of Espresa. “Our customers are able to expand the right programs to effectively engage employees at scale. Employee programs automation is a new HR technology category that allows companies to implement, communicate, and optimize employee programs globally while delighting employees with a modern, consumer-grade experience.”