Full Potential launches its online learning platform


The learning platform aims to develop one million young African leaders by 2025.

Founder and managing director of Full Potential Mabore Sithole launched her online learning platform that aims to develop one million young African leaders by 2025, on 27 July.

Mabore, an established HR professional, created the virtual development centre as one of the services to help organisations cultivate the potential of their employees and leadership teams.

“My dream is to develop a new breed of African leaders with a focus on young female leaders, and Full Potential would like to contribute positively to transforming leadership in Africa,” she said.

When Mabore started Full Potential, she focused on a holistic approach to the sustainable development of individuals that empowers people to live better, learn better and lead better, she explained. Her interest in technology encouraged her to research and implement coaching methods that support virtual learning.

“Everything we do at Full Potential is implanted with coaching to encourage people to find the inspiration to ignite the drive that assists them to grow as leaders and be successful in their careers and lives,” she said.

The consultancy's approach is whole-person development. “Not only do we focus on the world of work, in other words, leadership, careers, and business, but also on the individual in terms of mindfulness and wellbeing, health and vitality, relationships, and wealth and lifestyle,” she added.

Other than working with individuals and teams, Full Potential also offers organisational development solutions to corporates. The business specialises in strategy development, corporate culture, inclusion and diversity, transformation, and psychological safety. Additionally, it provides tailor-made digital learning solutions for businesses for technical and soft skills in the workplace.

Mabore concluded that at Full Potential they know that there’s a new world and there are new ways of working. “Yet, I find that there is not enough focus on equipping young managers for the future. I want my contributions to prepare the future leaders of Africa so that they can drive the continent to great things.”

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