How IQbusiness’s graduate recruitment programme helped secure a Level 1 B-BBEE rating


The company’s successful internship programme has had an impact in other areas of the business.

Management and technology consulting firm IQbusiness recently  announced that it had achieved a Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) contributor score of Level 1. A key contributing factor to achieving this is its 12-month internship programme, which has been running since 2013.

The programme has grown and evolved in many ways over the past eight years, starting with an intake of 21 and now in 2021, sitting at 60. The business has gained more than 250 consultants from the IQbusiness internship, making this an exceptional absorption rate of its graduates post-programme.

Ensuring that transformation is not just a tick-box exercise

CEO of IQbusiness Adam Craker says transformation plays a pivotal part of the organisation’s growth strategy in South Africa and the B-BBEE imperative must become meaningful at all levels and filter through the organisation. He says, "At IQbusiness, B-BBEE is an important agenda item at board and executive level, to the internal diversity, skills and B-BBEE committees within the business, ensuring that they are constantly reviewing and articulating their transformation philosophy in a meaningful way."

 How HR leaders can contribute to higher BEE scores

 Through diverse and inclusive initiatives within the organisation, IQbusiness has made great progress, with more than 50 percent of employees (including management) being black South Africans, as per the B-BBEE definition. Adam says on a very practical level HR leaders should be developing, tracking and sustaining relevant and achievable diversity goals that are regularly reviewed and managed to make a difference.

He believes that B-BBEE and transformation must be supported and made meaningful at all levels, from the most senior to junior level. Its B-BBEE imperatives filter from the board to its social and ethics committee (sub-committee of the board) into various internal forums such as their diversity and skills forum, B-BBEE steering committee, and women’s forum.

What  makes the graduate programme different

IQbusiness’s graduate programme stands out in its approach to grow people, grow business and grow Africa. The associates are at the centre of the graduate programme, ensuring their growth and development is core to what is done. The programme begins with an intense one-month formal training and project simulation experience, introducing the associates to the high-pressure context of business consulting and affording them the opportunity to network with a vast array of IQ-ers across the organisation.

Even in the midst of a pandemic where learning budgets have been reduced,  IQbusiness'  has continued to invest in the YES4YOUTH alongside the graduate programme. "We made the conscious commitment to continue with our learning programmes and investments. We are on a journey to meaningful transformation and are constantly exploring and evolving what that means for us," says Adam

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