HR head Claudia Sefatsa on your network becoming your net worth


The HR professional believes networks and relationships created as well as hard work and experience are the key reasons behind her success.

The incoming head of HR at Echo Service Provider, Claudia Sefatsa, is a true definition of how having a solid network and people who believe in your work ethic can work in your favour. This is why she is keen to pass on the baton and nurture young talent.

Claudia, who previously held the position of human resources manager at William Radcliffe, says that aside from her qualification, her network cultivated her passion and knowledge within the HR industry.

“I previously predominantly worked in admin roles in various industries and sectors. I was fortunate to be introduced to the people function as an organisational effectiveness administrator under Themba Chakela and Paolo Masselli’s leadership and guidance.”

Through dedication, a solid work ethic, clear recognition and support, she furthered her career in the industry. “From the onset of my landing in HR, I was fortunate enough to have mentors who introduced me to the various aspects of the industry. I was provided insight on employee engagement, professional development, and maximising the humane side of the business.”

She adds that in her experience, the networks and relationships created, the hard work put in and having someone giving one an opportunity are some things that open up the doors and give a sense of hope.

Young talent matters

This belief ties in nicely with her new role. Claudia will focus on the complete HR portfolio, driving strategy while supporting the business in employee wellbeing, employee relations and professional development, particularly in talent management and acquisition.

“This position will allow me to assist in developing and empowering the talent within the organisation. It is a chance to work directly with young people and guide them in the work environment – something I am very passionate about. It is rewarding to start with them at the beginning of their work journey, see them progress, and get fully absorbed into the organisation at various levels.”

Claudia’s passion for nurturing young talent is broader than just the boardroom. She recently started an initiative to coach graduates and entry-level workers for the working world.

“Naturally, HR follows you wherever you go. The initiative aims to get them to be work-ready by giving them tools to be confident and prepared for the interview process and work environment. My purpose in that aspect is always to inspire and motivate young people, because they’re very discouraged right now, especially with the tough economic climate and personal challenges they encounter.”

Claudia also believes HR is key in helping business managers and executives adapt to younger, agile and flexible employees. “The C-suite looks to young people to give them a view of innovative and collaborative ways of approaching complex business challenges from a different perspective. The evolution of a business requires engaging with people that have a pulse on the ground – and I believe that is the youth.”

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