HR leaders taken on a journey of tears and laughter at CHRO Day 2022


Executives at CHRO Day 2022 enjoyed a day of entertainment, insight – and a rollercoaster of emotions.

On a day themed “superheroes”, South Africa’s leading HR professionals gathered on 12 May for the first CHRO Day at the glamorous Marble restaurant, one of Johannesburg’s top attractions.

As this was the first CHRO Day ever, the guests had no idea what spectaculars were in store for them.

Puns and Things kicked off the entertainment with a mish-mash of song and spoken word in a medley about superheroes – in this case, our HR leaders. Strength and perseverance were the main messages, and attendees were captivated by the amazing vocalists.

When guests were asked to participate in the song, titled “Superhero is you,” CHROs heeded the call and sang along, giving a round of applause for the performers. The atmosphere was jovial, electrifying, with laughter, and tables were abuzz with delightful conversations.

The executives were captivated by Stephen McGown's shocking story about how he became Al Qaeda’s longest-held prisoner. Stephan shared his gruelling story, but closed off his recollection of his time as a prisoner of war by offering some positive words for those who might find themselves feeling somewhat sobered by his story. “If you can laugh, smile during your worst times, then you’re definitely the definition of a superhero,” he said. “Be kind to people, no matter their religion, creed and ethnic background.”

Between the entertainment and thought-provoking panels, the CHROs in attendance were treated to a delectable three-course meal from celebrity chef David Higgs, with Marble’s flame-grilled steak and linefish featuring on the mouthwatering menu.


Attendees were also treated to a lucky draw to win a R5,000 Marble restaurant dining voucher. When the winner, Carla Daniels, Mercer South Africa consulting lead, heard her name being called out, she jumped out of her seat with much delight.

Puns and Things hit the stage for the second time at the end of the day, and the audience hung on every word the performers uttered. At the end, the last song led guests into the unwinding part of the evening – over drinks and networking.

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