Putting performance management at the fingertips of employees and managers


Skillogical's HR development specialist Jurie van Zyl explains how the company's solution can transform your people practices.  

Performance management in organisations has evolved over the last decade. Due to major developments in technology and the accessibility people have to these technological platforms, the ability to provide constant, timeous engagement from a performance perspective, has increased significantly. Technology can play a major role in performance management.

Paper-driven, annual performance reviews are outdated and should be replaced with a continuous up-to-date interactive system that measures each employee’s impact on business. This interactive system is underpinned by the following, to ensure real impact:

  • Job profiles and specified outcomes have been linked to the strategic objectives of the organisation;
  • Employer and employee have identified and agreed to learning needs that directly impact the business; and
  • An environment where employees take responsibility and accountability for their own development has been created.   

Making technology accessible to employees to manage their own performance allows them to measure each outcome against the set objectives of the organisation. With the use of a mobile application downloaded to the employee’s smartphone, learning and development needs are then identified, prioritised, and addressed according to the level of impact it has on the organisational objectives.

The sequence of information flow made possible by the application is as follows:

1. Work specific deliverables are recorded by employees and confirmed by supervisors and managers;

2. Learning to enhance employees’ ability to deliver is recorded and managed centrally;

3. Confirmed workplace learning and mentoring is monitored and recorded; and

4. Information is summarised and availed on a dynamic, interactive dashboard containing vital information on how each employee impacts on the business and how this adds value to the bottom line.     

Skillogical’s smart technology by means of a self-service mobile application makes it possible for employee/employer engagement, which ultimately enhances the Performance Management process. With shared accountability enabled by this process, the employer (line manager) and employee are clear on the agreed outcomes. The line manager, in turn, is able to offer support where required and can continually report on the performance of his/her staff. Through this continuous process, adjustments and improvements are made to ensure that the set strategic objectives are achieved, whilst enhancing the skills and competencies of each employee. 

Skillogical’s mobile self-service employee development solution can be integrated with existing HR systems and is available to small and large enterprises, at a very affordable rate. 

For more information on how Skillogical can add value to Performance Management and measuring employees’ impact on business, contact Skillogical on 010 020 5600 or visit the website.

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