Rachel Masuku steps down as HR director at Webber Wentzel

Rachel is looking forward to recharging her batteries and starting a new journey.

Rachel Masuku has stepped down as the HR director at Webber Wentzel to take a much-needed sabbatical.

Rachel joined Webber Wentzel in 2017; prior to that, she was the regional human resources executive for Sun International. She has also held various roles within the Nedbank Group including a role as HR executive for Nedbank Namibia, Old Mutual and FNB to name a few.

She said as she bids farewell to the firm that has been home for the past 4 years, “I am humbled that the equity partners and employees welcomed me into their fold and allowed me to flourish. I walk away with pride knowing that I have contributed to some of the changes and the thought leadership that I see in the broader legal profession. I can now add this prestigious law firm to Nedbank and Sun International as my top employers”.

“I want to thank the equity partners, Excom, the board and HODs for having walked this journey with me.”

Rachel feels blessed to have the opportunity to take a brief sabbatical whilst weighing all the options available to her. She is looking forward to recharging her batteries before starting a new chapter in her career journey.