Ruvanya Reddy becomes Tate & Lyle’s head of HR for Turkey, Middle East and Africa


The HR leader says being in her position at the age of 30 is a dream come true.

Ruvanya Reddy is excited about reaching her dream of becoming the head of HR. “I started with Tate & Lyle in September, 2021 and it has been an incredible journey thus far. I look forward to partnering with the Growth Markets team and my incredible leaders, Aditi Madhok-Naarden and Dominique Floch, to co-create the culture of the new Tate & Lyle, develop and grow our talent across the region.”

She shares a number of tips that can help anyone reach their goals: “Working hard is important, but working hard at fostering collaboration, solution drives and building valuable relationships is unmatched,” she says.

“Assign yourself a mentor every year. Mentors helped me uncover my blind spots, gave me constructive feedback and guided me in my action planning. I found them where I worked, ex colleagues or even through LinkedIn. I was truly blessed to be formally mentored by these incredible humane leaders and for this I thank them.”

Asking is something anyone must get comfortable with very early in their career, Ruvanya says. “Your network is your net worth. Stay connected, stay visible. Call your stakeholders. Be there.

“Giving up on my beauty sleep and joining the 5am club has helped me with my growth mindset. Exercising in the morning, getting ahead of emails and a wholesome breakfast have been the most valuable start to my day,” Ruvanya says.

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