Shirley Zinn resigns from Cricket South Africa board


This is the second board she has departed from in the space of a month.

Shirley Zinn has resigned from Cricket South Africa’s (CSA) board of directors, which she was appointed to 2018 and served on the human resources and remuneration sub-committee.  According to various news reports, Shirley’s resignation was motivated by the body’s treatment of journalists whom they had banned from reporting on Mzansi Super League (MSL) matches held at the Wanderers and Newlands by revoking their media accreditation after they had been critical of CSA.

This Daily Maverick article quotes Shirley explaining that the treatment of the journalists was one of two incidents that drove her to quit. The other was an article that appeareed in the Sunday Times detailing Graeme Smith’s appointment as CSA director of cricket, which reflected the extent to which confidentiality of that process had been breached. 

Says Shirley in the Daily Maverieck piece:  “We have to respect the recruitment process and give people time to think about what they need to think about. I do not know the circumstances that led to that article appearing, but it was out of line. I did toy with [the] idea of trying to fight from the inside, but these last few days was the straw that broke my back. One doesn’t want to get into the pattern of resigning when the going gets tough.”

This is Shirley second high-profile resignation in a month. She recently quit her role as Shoprite's lead independent director following the re-election of chairperson Christo Wiese, despite most shareholders voting against the decision. 

Barely three days after Shirley's departure, Iqbal Khan who had served on the CSA board as an independent member since 2012, also submitted his resignation. 

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