Transforming the future of HR through Human Experience Management

Dimension Data strives to help businesses understand how HXM is a product of design, not default.

With the world still reeling from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has never been more evident that people crave connections, engagement, transparency and a sense of belonging. What began as personal isolation from family and friends has now overflowed into the work place, creating an HR impasse leaving people feeling more disconnected than ever.

Social scientist and international authority on organisational change, Timothy R. Clark, famously said “Highly engaged employees make customer experience. Disengaged employees break it.” And this is the fundamental reason why, in these post-Covid times, traditional Human Capital Management (HCM) falls decidedly short of what a business needs to compete in the market and unlock the fundamental value of its people, allowing them to truly become the driving force of their competitive advantage.

Employees increasingly expect more, and rightly so
As we make strides into new levels of normal, organisations must initiate a discernible shift from simply supporting HR-driven processes to Human Experience Management (HXM), creating sustainably engaged brand advocates with both the mindset and the tools required to deliver the results needed to not only survive, but to thrive.

We no longer live in a time where employees are influenced by singular factors such as payroll, benefits and perks, or a direct manager. Their work place experiences are now influenced by so much more – from the technology they are using, right through to transformed leadership, capitalising on unique human strengths, company culture and the ability to give them the same experiences they would have if they were face to face with their peers.

Instead of simply presenting company processes that employees must comply with, wherever they’re sitting, it is critical to redesign HR processes with the employee at the heart of this design thinking, using the technology at hand to elevate HXM.

Designing the optimal employee experience
With the above at the forefront of their strategy, Dimension Data’s HXM offering is a next-level approach to people management. With a Human Experience Management Solution that addresses the critical role employee experience plays in creating agile, high performing companies, they are helping businesses to transform their HR capabilities by leveraging their technological proficiency across legacy, cloud and hybrid infrastructure.

By providing powerful integrated solutions throughout the employee life cycle including talent management, experience management and people analytics, business are now able to lay the foundation of their employee experience with bespoke services tailored to specific organisational requirements.

Why is it so important for organisations to transform, both from HCM to HXM and digitally, with progressively innovative cloud platforms and wholly invest in people, experience, technology and software? “If you shift your focus to truly understand the mindset of the people who are at the heart and soul of your organisation with redesigned processes to assist you in managing your workforce better and truly capitalise on unique human strengths, the result will be an engaged and invested employee, at every touchpoint of their journey from onboarding right through to learning and development, who is an authentic brand advocate.” Says Jennifer Custers, (principal practice & solution head: HXM) at Dimension Data.

“We have created a solution which has expanded the vision of what technology can do to align your business’s HXM activities with your business objectives. We work with clients to create a unique human experience roadmap and assist them to link it back to their strategy based on best practice processes, using technology to achieve optimal outcomes. We partner with the top OEM’s including SAP, Workday and Oracle to provide a platform that meets their needs to create a fully integrated HCM to HXM experience across the people value chain.”

Agility has never been more critical
When organisations take the time to fully comprehend that today’s workforce is made up of six generations, all of whom are contending with inexplicable changes in their day-to-day work lives, it suddenly becomes very clear why the link between Employee Experience (EX) and Customer Experience (CX) is so essential.

It is a given that businesses may be at different stages of maturity when it comes to HXM and evolved HR practices, but one thing is certain, every business needs a versatile workforce that is geared to rapidly respond to change - revolutionised thinking, underpinned by cutting-edge technological transformation is critical.

Dimension Data is striving to helping businesses establish a greater understanding of how HXM is a product of design, not default, and it all starts with reimagining their EX to truly transform their CX.
To learn from about Dimension Data’s HXM solution and the role it plays in creating agile, high-performing companies, visit us here: Reimagine your EX, transform your CX.