We are revolutionising the work commute says James Champion, Zeelo’s general manager

The tech-enabled solution works with businesses to provide employees with a transport alternative.

In recent years we have seen a growth in demand for workers in fulfilment centres, BPOs and manufacturing industries. This, together with an increase in fuel prices during a time where more people are returning to office-based jobs, intensifies the need for a more efficient and safe transportation system in South Africa.

That’s where private mass transit companies such as Zeelo, the tech-enabled employee and student transport solution, are filling an essential gap. With its proprietary technology and superior customer support, Zeelo is revolutionising the way employees get to and from work.

“Safe, reliable and convenient transport for commuters could help revive the South African economy,” says James Champion, Zeelo’s general manager. “We’ve leveraged technology and redesigned the transport business model to drive higher efficiencies and lower costs with a faster, greener and more secure shared mobility solution in South Africa.”

Zeelo is a tech-enabled transport solution for key workers, professionals and students that offers fully managed and SaaS transportation programmes for organisations across South Africa, the UK and USA.

James says, “We help companies deliver safe, reliable and convenient commuting services for their workforce, improving employee wellbeing, productivity and safety, and driving efficiencies in businesses.”

He adds, “Our end-to-end offering not only provides organisations with a complete transport solution, but also includes a range of value-added services such as live operations monitoring, 24/7 customer support and automated reporting to optimise service utilisation and ultimately lower transportation costs over time.”

This is done in partnership with vetted transport providers to provide the following services:
• Daily commute: Getting employees to and from work each day with door-to-door transfers or services from central pickup locations.
• After hours commute: Providing employees working after hours with a safe transport service when public transport is not available.
• First and last mile shuttle service: Arranging convenient shuttles, linking employees to the nearest public transport hubs.

How it works
Zeelo is powered by technology, but led by humans, which means organisations get the best combination of cutting-edge innovation and incredible customer service.

The best-in-class technology is evident throughout the transport process. Zeelo’s routing software uses employee addresses and shift data to design the safest and most convenient routes, ensuring the shortest travel durations, saving commuters time, and organisations money. The in-house operations management platform covers 24/7 live operations with a customer support team that will give you peace of mind by building, managing and monitoring scheduled trips.

The Zeelo driver app is used by drivers to complete their assigned trips, display rider lists and route navigation, and allows employees and employers alike to track their vehicle in real time.

As a free and optional extra, employees can use the Zeelo Rider app to book, pay for and manage their rides.

“The rider app and website is completely optional and free, so if companies would prefer for Zeelo to manage all bookings of employees, we are able to do this. This is particularly relevant for employees who may not have access to smartphones or data,” says James

Through this integrated approach, a detailed breakdown of service performance and utilisation reports are provided on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Zeelo is underpinned by real people providing 24/7 live support.

“Our team of customer service experts will prioritise the safety of your employees by monitoring trips in real time and being available via live chat, email and phone for both the riders and clients,” says James.

In addition, each client receives a dedicated account manager who will work to support, optimise and deliver a reliable and convenient service, while a dedicated team takes care of driver and operator management, so you don’t have to.

The Zeelo marketing team is also on hand to provide any support with materials to drive awareness of the service available and assist with the onboarding of employees.

“Zeelo proudly works with businesses across all industries to provide their employees with an alternative to using public transport, or driving their car for their daily commute,” adds James.

He concludes, “Not only does this improve the safety, wellbeing, punctuality, and productivity of employees, but it also assists businesses in reducing pressures on parking and traffic congestion, not to mention reducing their carbon footprint. Zeelo is already 100 percent carbon neutral, having offset its emissions entirely (including the dead-leg of the journey) through a partnership with Climate Partner.”

However, James and Zeelo’s global leadership team in the UK and US believe more can be done. The company has pledged to work privately with its transport operator partners to help them transition their fleets to electric vehicles to become truly net zero.

Reducing single occupancy vehicles, as a modal decision, is already 78 percent more environmentally-friendly than travelling by car. If we switched to EV fleets, riding with Zeelo would become almost as green as riding a bicycle. Zeelo’s corporate customers, university clients and even schools are prepared to pledge to a minimum, higher value one-year contract to all bus operators who get on board their green scheme and adhere to their Pathway to EV.