Press release: Scale your HR business and make money with Wamly’s partnership programme

Wamly launches a partnership programme to help HR companies scale up their processes.

To help HR firms and recruitment companies scale up their process, and make more hires, one-way video interview software provider Wamly launched a unique partnership programme.

The programme allows companies to use Wamly’s software at a reduced rate - or even for free when referred to others - to help them save hours and increase revenues.

This can especially help businesses whose operations were disrupted by Covid-19. Speaking of the partnership programme, Wamly CEO Marnus Broodryk said he used technology to grow his accounting firm The Beancounter by ten times in two years when he first launched it.

“When I started on my journey with The Beancounter, I was very concerned about how technology would take over accounting firms. But I then realised that we can actually use technology to build our business,” Broodryk says.

“And that’s the vision that we are now applying at Wamly: that companies look at our product as a tool to grow their business and give better services to their customers.”

Wamly’s one-way video interview software allows companies to send applicants a link to complete a recorded interview. Through the software, questions are prompted with a time limit without the interview panel being present.

Once the interview is completed, the interview panel will be alerted and can review it in their own time. It has been found that as many as 30 one-way video interviews can be reviewed in one hour.

As an added incentive, Broodryk says the best firm or company to join Wamly’s partnership programme will be rewarded with a trip to the Maldives by the second half of 2022.